We're Building A Centre For Rebuilding The Church
In Europe In The Heart Of Europe

Prophetic School and Training Center

Our Prophetic School of Ministry should train thousands of prophets in and for Europe. The Voice of God must go out into the nations!

Christian School for a New Generation

The ethics and morals are rapidly devaluating. We want to build up a Christian school that will train up children from a young age to become strong Christian leaders and revivalists who are not afraid to run with the gifts of God.

Spiritual Hospital

We believe in the power of prayer. We have seen endless transformations, deliverances, changes and healings in people who came to us for help. We want to see the impossible become possible. We want to see people with mental illnesses get sane, people wake up from wheel chairs… we want to build a 24/7 prayer clinic where people come in sick and go out healed!

TV Station and media network

We are building a strong media network and TV station to equip the body of Christ around the globe with the power of the Word of God and encouragement, which is so desperately needed.

Leadership Trainings

There is a strong need to train more leaders and the five fold ministry who will go and do the work of the Kingdom! We want to provide a place to train, equip and send out.

Conference Center

We believe so strongly in equipping people for their God given destiny. We want to build a solid conference center and provide seminars and events to encourage and equip the body of Christ for this generation!


We need people who will get behind this vision and help us birth it...

We need architects

We need financiers

We need engineers

We need prayer warriors

There has been a drastic decline of churches after Covid19 and there is a strong need to strengthen the body of Christ and train strong revivalists in spiritual gifts and anointing to shine like a light and build the Kingdom of God in Europe.

Rebuilding the church in Europe:

John Sagoe with
Maria Prean
Stacey Campbell
John Sagoe with
John Glass
Julie Anjo
John Sagoe with
Matt Sorger
Betty King
John Sagoe with
Allen Anjo
Rodrigues Pereira
John Sagoe with
Daniel Schott
Lawrence Tetteh
John Sagoe with
John Praise Daniel
Lawrence Tetteh
Who we are

Our motto: NIC – where Jesus is Lord, prayer is the key and God’s time is the best to reach the unreached.

Our assignment: Home of Restoration